Epic Star Wars Engagement Experience in Bill Frederick Park [Bill Frederick Park]

Star Wars and Bill Frederick Park

Star Wars Engagement Experience – I mean – what else is there to say? LoL. It’s Star Wars. We would burn for Star Wars Engagements. I love this movie. We love themed Engagement Sessions. We visit Bill Frederick Park all the time. Our clients owned this session.  Clearly, we all had a blast doing this session. Rather than go overboard, the session contained subtle themes. At first, we just wanted to photograph the couple. We seek to make them very comfortable.

Following our vision of the forest, we began to shoot. Specifically, we played with the layers of the trees. Earlier we planned out the entire session. This time we would get it right. On this occasion, the weather cooperated with us. We took charge of the directions. We brought all the elements together. In order to blend everything, we took our time. 

Enjoying our clients at Bill Frederick Park Orlando

We live for this type of weather. As Orlando Wedding Photographers, we really believe that. Our clients arrived early to the park. Still, the timing was perfect. We moved our equipment into place. During the day it can become very warm. On this occasion, the breeze really helped us. As can be seen, the clients loved every minute of it. A Star Wars Engagement Session is truly one of a kind. So far, everything is coming together.  But the best was yet to come.

The clients brought two Star Wars mini figs. Han Solo and Lea made an appearance. We were honored to photograph them as well. Shortly, the clients and the Mini Figs worked together. These images were our favorites of the entire shoot. For one thing, we had the opportunity to work with such an amazing couple. Secondly, It’s a Star Wars Engagement Shoot! Lastly, the weather was so cooperative.  We lives a dream today.

Bringing Star Wars to Life in an Engagement Session

We have bought into this theme. Lest we fail to try, we should succeed. Our clients have committed to the concept. Above all, the love was everywhere. We dig it. They dig it too.

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