Golden Bear Weddings a hidden gem

Golden Bear Weddings is truly a hidden gem among Central Florida Wedding Venues. Of course, I am excited to share with you all the amazing things I learned about them. Located in Keene’s Point, Windermere, it can be said that this venue genuinely offers affordable luxury for your event. 

“This venue is like a blank slate. You can decorate it with any colors you would like and make it as unique as you are as a couple,” said Caitlyn Smith, Event Director at the Golden Bear Club. Certainly she loves working for this lovely venue. What’s more, Caitlyn is always eager to learn more about other vendors to serve her clients even better.

Without a doubt, his easy to access location offers tremendous flexibility to make any event remarkable. “Any theme or color scheme works perfectly there. Whatever you envision, we will fit in this room,” says Caitlyn, particularly making reference to their gorgeous ballroom. “Uplighting or drapery. Any color linen choice helps.”

“We are willing to work with our couples to make sure their concept comes out exactly how they want.” Without a doubt, this approach is very attractive for many couples.

3 unique things about The Golden Bear Weddings

Every venue has its own charm and uniqueness. It goes without saying that Golden Bear Weddings is not the exception to this rule. 


“I love the flow this venue has,” shares Caitlyn with excitement. “Guests walk through the front door; then walk straight into the building and down our staircase that leads to the lawn where the ceremony is. Of course, After the ceremony the guests make their way back to the staircase into our patio where we have cocktail hour and then straight from the patio they can walk into the reception room. It is a great flow, almost like a circle.” Surely bringing your vision to life starts with how well the venue flows.


The staircase at The Golden Bear Club is amazing for photos

Florida Sunset at the Golf Course 

Without reservation, Caitlyn also points out the golf course as one of her favorite features of Golden Bear. “There are some very beautiful views that couples can get. Certainly the sunset on the driving range is the most beautiful I’ve seen in Florida.”

Family Atmosphere 

Equally important is the connection between Golden Bear weddings staff and the couples they serve. “The whole family aspect that we have here is really what l love. I get to spend more time with couples; get to know them. We can personalized their wedding.”

Planning your Golden Bear wedding 

To begin within, the Golden Bear is part of a tremendous golfers community and host many member and family events. By nature, weddings at this location are not in great quantity. Of course, this allows for even more time from Caitlyn to get to know the couples and their families. 


The golf course has many gorgeous spots to capture the best photos of your Golden Bear Weddings

“During the planning process, I really get to know them. That is very special for me because that way I can spend more quality time with them.  Firstly, when a couple comes to me the first things I am going to ask -are you looking for ceremony and reception? Secondly, are you ok for outdoor being plan A, plan B our indoor dining room? Lastly, how many people are they estimating to have?” Without a doubt, this vital information gives Caitlyn the foundation of an event. That is to say, she will have a better idea of how she can help the couple make the best out of the venue. 




Surely it can be said that this past year has been very different. As a result, the booking process has been interesting as it adapts and evolves. Nonetheless, Caitlyn suggests to book as early as possible. In other words, booking far in advance results in you having more time to plan without pressure.

More Planning for your Golden Bear wedding

For example, an event reservation for a Golden Bear wedding includes the venue for six hours. Not to mention that this block of time includes up to an hour for a ceremony at the gazebo. Additionally, it includes classic white garden chairs as well as all the tables the couple would need.


Ceremonies at the gazebo are a stunning part of Golden Bear Weddings

What’s more, the ballroom accommodates 150 people comfortably. Of course, the space still has the ability to accommodate a large dance floor. In this case, the reception would be five hours. Certainly this also includes the tables, gold chivari chairs for cocktail hour and reception. Not to mention any color linen is included. To say nothing of the gold chargers to match the chivari chairs, glassware, silverware, etc.

As part of the planning process, the couple can select between buffet and plated dinner. Of course ,the catering will be prepared by the Golden Bear. Without a doubt the tremendous variety provide will amaze you. For example, the hors d’oeuvre range from seafood, mini tacos, meatballs, and spring rolls. 

During the venue tour, Caitlyn emphatically explains the different options the couple have with the venue: menu, bar packages, cocktail display. As a matter of fact, all of the packages include salad, and the main platter, which they can enjoy during the food tasting. Additionally, the options also come a with display for cocktail hour, which could be cheese, a charcuterie board or even pizza. 

SallyAnn and Gino wanted to include their love for pizza on their wedding day!

“If we are working with a budget conscious couple, we are willing to fluctuate our packages to make sure we are fitting within their budget.”



Making your Golden Bear weddings unique 

Caitlyn emphasizes that if there is anything that the couple loves, Certainly the couple can bring them up. In addition, if the request is not on the menu, but they want to include on their day, the couple could always talk to the chef because they can make it happen. 

“Above all, this is their wedding, and we want to make it special for them. Wherever we can incorporate their personalities into the day we will do our absolute best.” 

Golden Bear Weddings can be customized as much as the couple wants

In conclusion, once the couple have made their initial selections, they won’t necessarily need to visit Golden Bear until a month before the wedding. To that end, Caitlyn is happy to receive them as many times as they want. “If the couple wants to come visit more often or bring any vendor or family member, I am more than happy to receive them.”  

Adapting to the challenges -COVID 19

Recommendations are in place. Of course, Golden Bear Weddings is well prepared to remain COVID conscious. For example, all staff stay masked at all times. Additionally,  the venue has multiple sanitizer stations, as well as bottles around to constantly disinfect. 

“We have been telling couples to keep it maybe six per table. Also a lot of our couples are selected platted instead of buffet to increase the safety measures as well. If they stay with the buffet, our staff is the one serving to decrease the number of people touching the utensils.”

More about The Golden Bear Weddings Club: 

  • Reception pricing, for example, would be $2,000 for five hours (patio, reception room, fireplace mini room) and includes the tables, the chairs, glassware , silverware, chargers, linens. 

  • Additionally, food packages start at $38 per person (one entree buffet package). Conversely the highest package is around $65 per person (three entree platted package and includes a carving item).

  • Ceremony rental as has been noted is $500.

  • Certainly, you can add carving and dessert stations.

  • What’s more, they also host member events, golf tournaments, graduation, senior events.

More from Caitlyn: “I love setup day… is the little details that count for me. On the wedding day, when the couple walks into the room and you can see the relief in their faces -this is it; it looks beautiful, exactly as we envisioned it.”

Golden Bear weddings are designed to be as unique as the couple