Interviewing a Wedding Vendor – Top 7 Things You Must Ask About[VIDEO]

Video: 7 things to ask when Interviewing a Wedding Vendor.

Interviewing a Wedding Vendor. Of course, this can be scary. Especially with so much to know about them. For example, will they care about your vision of this big day. Above all, your wedding vendor can be one of the aspects that will require the most research, Especially when planning. All in all, well done, well planned photography will bring you back to that moment. Even to that place, to that feeling, and sensation of walking down the aisle to say ‘I do’ to the love of your life. But why does selecting a photographer not sound magical? 

Relax. Enjoy. Breathe. Relax.

Finding someone to capture those moments, doesn’t sound like perfect fun? Certainly selecting the perfect photographer for your wedding day requires much. Chiefly, you need to know what do you absolutely need and want, and what other things could be ‘negotiable’. This is how we can help you with Interviewing a Wedding Vendor.

Choosing a Wedding Vendor does not have to be hard.

The photographer you select for your wedding should make you feel comfortable. Perhaps a Duo Team will be good for you? Of course they should make you feel ease, Especially during one of the most important days of your live. Above all, you should feel a super strong connection. Basically one that will make you look stunning in your wedding photography as an organic result. Additionally, you want to know how they handle things on your biggest day. What happens if they lose your images? Can they suggest ways to stretch your budget with Honeyfund? Interviewing a Wedding Vendor in person or Skype is just one of the steps. Learn some interviewing Secrets. Furthermore, during the wedding planning process, they can help you make the right decision. But, where to start?! Here we included a short list that will help you to get the process started.

Top 7 things to ask when Interviewing a Wedding Vendor

  1. Are you available on my wedding day –simple, yes, but key!
  1. Do you base your pricing on hours or is it a day rate?
  1. Are you going to photograph my wedding or is another photographer coming to my wedding?
  1. What is your style and how do you approach the wedding day?
  1. What is your timeline and when I am getting my album?
  1. How many photographers are included in your rate?
  1. What products do you offer?

If you would like ask us these or more questions to be able to make an inform decision about Interviewing a Wedding Vendor, please click here to send us a message and start this exciting process!



Selecting your wedding photographer is important to get the best photographs during your special day!
Selecting your wedding photographer is important to get the best photographs during your special day!

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