To hire a photography couple or not? That is the real question for couples

To Hire a Photography Couple Team or Not

To Hire a Photography Couple Team or NotTo hire a photography couple or not? Of course, this is a fascinating topic. Basically, it arose among some photographers the other day. Consequently, I thought it a great subject for today’s post. In a word – should you hire a married couple as your photographers? 

Earlier, there was a conversation that bantered around. It relating to a couple who Photographing Weddings with Marjorie and Nick Durante Orlando Wedding Photographersalso shot weddings. Basically saying what would happen if they had been having an argument prior to the wedding date. Also, how would that affect their performance and creative energy? As much as I love this question, it’s fun to talk about. Because it can come up as a concern with brides. The question remains – To hire a photography couple or not?

A Photography Couple Team can be a big benefit

Photographing Engagement Rings with Marjorie Durante Orlando Wedding PhotographerAlso, it is always a valid reason to get to know your photographers. In addition, who they are as people and not just photographers. Firstly, this further points out the need to really connect with your chosen wedding photographer. Secondly, the type of disagreements that could be envisioned are certainly handled differently. For this purpose, it is depending on the couple dealing with them.

To hire a photography couple or notFor myself, I can let you in behind the curtain. When we wondered about the idea to hire a photography couple or not, it was challenging. Certainly to know that my wife and I disagree quite a bit. Above all about shooting style, location, vantage points and lighting. Besides, tt would be very unusual for two people who are not identical twins to NOT argue. Furthermore, not to have their own unique viewpoints on just about everything in life.

For Marjorie and I, we come from Italian and Puerto Rican heritages. This tends Behind the Scenes with Marjorie Durante, WPPI Award Winning Photographer to include a lack of inside voices. As a matter of fact there is a strong passion for whatever we are fighting for at that moment. To hire a photography couple or not becomes a very real question. Evidently, I find diversity to be one of the strongest compliments. Especially to our shooting and working styles. Because at the end of the day, I am so completely comfortable. Not only with being different from my wife as a photographer. At the same time when we finish our shooting schedule, we are going home together. Thus, that part of our dynamic insures that, at the end of the day, we are Husband and Wife. Even at an unplugged Wedding. Ultimately we have been long before we were 2nd and 1st Photographer.

Who To Hire as Photographers for your Wedding

To hire a photography couple or notSo, in the end, your decision to hire a wife and husband team really depends on this. Your choice to hire a photography couple or not is wide open. Even if your wedding is a Chic affair at Citrus Club Orlando. Whether your personalities match and work well together. For me, I wouldn’t ever think of trying to shoot a wedding by myself. Simply because I am completely spoiled. Because of being able to shoot weddings beside my wife. Marjorie being an award winning photographer certainly helps. Working with Top Wedding Planners in Orlando really helps. 

Firstly, we know where we are at all times. Secondly, we move without having to really talk to each other. Basically we move silently to our next shooting positions. As Marjorie is shooting, I am also lining up alternative shots. Also, perspectives for her to shoot next. Although you will be hard pressed to know which image was photographed by whom. Conversely, we do view the same scene or subject differently. It all seems to mesh perfectly in the final images. In this instance, to hire a photography couple or not seems logical.

If all other things being equal, you have a great opportunity. Which is to say the chance to hire a well connected photography team. You will find that the results should bear out well. Undeniably, that the sum is greater than the equal of the parts. At least in our case that has held true. Chiefly, in the feedback we have gotten from our brides. Of course we are crazy in that way. That is why the big question, to hire a photography couple or not, cannot be answered in a day. Also, we go way overboard with the personal attention. To say nothing of time spent photographing, so your results may vary! Especially with a Star Wars Wedding. Or even an Engagement Session based on Star Wars in Bill Frederick Park.