What you should really be looking for in a Wedding Photographer

Looking for in a Wedding Photographer

What you should really be looking for in a Wedding PhotographerThere are so many things I have personally learned about people. What you should really be looking for in a Wedding Photographer is important.  Also we love family, weddings, and relationships. Markedly, I chose since deciding to fully support my wife in her desires. She wanted to be a traditional family photographer. Although We find it challenging in an era of instant access and instant gratification. Not to mention that everyone has a phone in their pocket. Social Media and the ease of sharing thoughts and moments have created an expectation. Specifically, We find it to be one of speed when it comes to just about everything in our lives.

That being said, there are still some areas where an artist is needed. Especially when we create a unique item or experience. This is what you should really be looking for in a Wedding Photographer. Likewise couples find this to be true when planning a wedding. That is to say, We find a live performance by our favorite recording artist will be unique. Conversely, a recording will be a completely different experience to you. Specifically when listening in your car. Additionally, there is not going to be a worthwhile “etsy” alternative to working with a local florist. Furthermore a dress maker or photographer are more examples. We take beautiful images. Couples find their smiles. I love you. I know.

Always Ask Questions

Photography is hard. Let me back up. You learn that taking a picture is super easy. Basically, you just Point and Click. We discovered that using a camera to capture a moment is difficult. Especially one which creates an emotional response. Specifically, Marjorie finds that in another human being. I found that this is a skill developed over time. We discover that it all starts with having an eye for what you are capturing. This helps answer the question – What you should really be looking for in a Wedding Photographer.

Asking questions is important.

The amazing part about photography is this. Along with art in general, there are rarely two artists who see the same subject the same way. In reality, the relationship between you and your photographer is a supremely symbiotic connection. We figured that out especially when it’s done right. Conversely when that connection is not present, the experience can feel very sterile. In contrast to say a DMV photostation for example. My one and only piece of advice is this. This applies whether it’s the person making your bouquet or wedding dress. Also this applies to decorations, or wedding cake, or doing your pictures. Unquestionably, if there is NO personal connection made with that person, then you are simply a paycheck to them. We know this. Marjorie observes this. We buy into the concept. Our couples own the idea. What you should really be looking for in a Wedding Photographer.

You learn that it is plain and simple. Photographers will do just that which is needed to get paid. In addition, they will only deliver to you the bare minimum. In other words, the least needed to meet their contractual obligation to your event. Because of this, nothing more, nothing less. By contrast, we discovered that connecting well with the people is huge. You know this because those who are making things by hand are epic. They can generate the kind of personal commitment to your wedding that you deserve. Although I cannot speak for others,we tend to do well. We receive commissions from extremely personable, family oriented couples. Additionally, our couples possess strong family ties and a desire for that type of connection themselves.

What you should do in an interview.

As a result, we build that relationship. It goes far beyond just that of vendor/client. In like fashion, we goes to the point of containing 100% of our emotional connection to this couple. It is amazing. We have been amazed. Conversely, many business owners would caution against getting emotional about customers. By comparison, we think this doesn’t really apply. Especially in light of the unique bond between the photographer and the bride. Even in an unplugged wedding

Firstly, we are there when everyone arrives for hair and makeup. Our coverage starts right away. Secondly, Marjorie photographs the getting ready and help to find lost shoes or cuff links for the guys. Thirdly, we are there when the one bridesmaid or groomsman who is always late for everything finally shows up. Fourthly, we are there for the first look with the dad. Also the walk to the church and the anticipation of the bride at the top of the aisle. Additionally, We are there for the cheers of those in attendance. Especially as the celebrant pronounces “you may kiss your bride”. Finally, we are there herding family members around you for family formals. We take beautiful photos. Our couples take the compliment. Marjorie takes photos of brides. Nicholas takes photos of grooms.

What you should really be looking for in a Wedding Photographer

What you should really be looking for in a Wedding PhotographerSooner or later, we are there for your first moments as a married couple. To begin with, we watch as you are announced for the first time at your reception. Perhaps that reception is in the Citrus Club Orlando. Our cameras photograph the cake, bouquet toss, garter toss. We cover everything in between. Additionally, we watch for your last dance and grand exit as our cue. That lets us know our day is done. Literally we drive straight home to download and backup the images. We do this several times over. Because before we can truly call it a day for us we must protect your memories.

This is really just the end of the first HALF of the work. That is to say, We do the work to be done for your wedding. We now will inspect every image. Marjorie color corrects and white balance every image. I pare down to the very best images for you to see. Finally we display them to you. We do this in such a way that you smile. Which is to say, we tell the story of your wedding day.  We want you to think about your day. The desire is for you to realize that seeing those images is special. It gives you your first look at your wedding from everyone’s perspective.

Finding a great Wedding Photographer

Which brings me back to my original point. Marjorie’s personality and the life experiences of the photographer is key. The photographer you choose will shape the images of your biggest day. They show the venue, the dress, and your smile. Additionally, the artist behind the camera shapes the image. To emphasize, this is even more than the person being photographed. Skeptical? Try a Star Wars Wedding. Watch this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss2dSnnxiSA

 Your connection with your photographer is everything. Marjorie will shape how you are seen in their eyes. Ultimately, we will in turn shape the images they capture. Finding an Orlando Wedding Photographer should be easy.

Enjoy! Nicholas