Having a Wedding in Downtown Orlando? Our Top 5 Secrets to choose Downtown

Top 5 reasons to have a Downtown Orlando Wedding

Here are our top 5 reasons to have a Downtown Orlando wedding, and we believe you will love what we have to say on the topic! There are many reasons why having your wedding at such venues as Citrus Club, The Mezz, Celebration Bohemian, and others, is a great choice for your wedding in downtown Orlando. Especially if you are planning a summer wedding. For example, ease of access and beautiful views are just two of the reasons.

Downtown Orlando is an amazing wedding location

Not only this, but having your Engagement Session downtown is great too. If you aren’t sure why you might want an Engagement Session, Try this article. As a result, here are our top 5 reasons having attended and Photographed events at this wonderful wedding venue in Orlando. 

Top 5 reasons to have a Downtown Orlando wedding

Color Palette

Given that the way a venue like Citrus Club photographs lends itself to a color palette of earth tones and rich woods. In like manner, you can find more images here of a beautiful downtown wedding. As can be seen, colors are important. In effect, they are the backdrop for your wedding images.

We find the best way to lighting events downtown is with a simple plan of speedlights. In particular, we strategically locate them to focus on the dance floor and the head table. Equally important is the way we photograph the first dance. The dance is the center of the universe during the reception.

Evening Wedding Reception in Downtown Orlando
Evening Wedding Reception in Downtown Orlando

Ease of Access

Many of these venue are centrally located in Downtown Orlando. Much like having an engagement session in the downtown area, ease of access is definitely one of the top 5 reasons to have a Citrus Club Orlando wedding.

The options for parking and loading in for your vendors are plentiful. Wheelchair access is good. Access to local hotels, restaurants, and stores is ultra convenient.

Aerial View of Downtown Orlando and the Citrus Club
Aerial View of Downtown Orlando and the Citrus Club

The level of client services at downtown venues is top rate. For example, vendors are well cared for as far as mid-event meals and refreshments. Even if you are having an unplugged wedding, you will be ell take care of.

As a result, your production team will perform even better for your event. 

Bride and Groom having a first dance at a Downtown Wedding
Bride and Groom having a first dance at a Downtown Wedding

In case your vision for your big day is one of fanciful elegance ( make link to that relevant theme post ), certainly this downtown venue fits that theme perfectly. 

As can be seen in the images we have produced, this venue really is strong that way. As I have said being a photographer by and large can be very enjoyable. Once in a while it is a downright pleasure.

Elegant Fantasy Themed Wedding
Elegant Fantasy Themed Wedding

There is something to be said for a luxurious venue for your celebration. Full Stop. Much like a wedding at Casa Feliz or Rosen Centre, these venues are top notch. 

Bride and Groom in the Wine Room at the Citrus Club
Bride and Groom in the Wine Room at the Citrus Club

Conclusion on the Top 5 reasons to have a Downtown Orlando wedding

Making sure you have a professional team surrounding you. Additionally, make sure you have them for your event! By all means, professionals are paid to keep the stress away from you. Always consider hiring seasoned licensed professionals. They are the best part of your event planning team. As Orlando Wedding Photographers, we really believe that. The areas we recommend hiring professionals are Planning and Décor. Also choose Catering, Bar and entertainment. Finally, choose Dress/Attire, HMUA, and Cake/Desserts. Along with finding top Orlando Wedding Photographers, these professionals are key.

We are here to help you with your downtown wedding

Maybe your theme is Disney related. Perhaps you are planning a Star Wars Wedding. We hope you agree with our reasons to have a wedding downtown. Perhaps even in venues like the Citrus Club Orlando. Building a team is just as important! Even if you select a different area such as Downtown Winter Garden, your team is very important. We agree. You will too. We take amazing photos when everything comes together. It happens often.

Bring your downtown wedding vision to life

Only in Orlando can you have so much fun. Since 2012, we have been having a blast. As soon as you choose your venue, planning becomes fun. In case you find one early, the planning moves quickly. Furthermore, vendors can commit to your date. Particularly your photographer and planner. That is to say, you are on your way. 

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