Red Tail Golf Club Real Wedding | Tanya and Rob [Red Tail Golf Club]

Red Tail Golf Club Outdoor Wedding | Tanya and Rob

This Red Tail Golf Club Outdoor Wedding features Tanya and Rob. We love it. The couple was happy. Basically, the day was perfect. As much as the family was there, we were as well. We came prepared. Earlier the sun was out. In addition, the bride was getting ready. Before the wedding, the Groom shared a moment with his buddies. This time they took a shot. Then, the Ceremony began. Eventually, the bride walked down the aisle. Altogether, both families shared the love. That is to say, the ceremony was beautiful. 

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A Red Tail Golf Club Spring Wedding is stunning. We love it. Our couples love it as well. Of course, the weather was beautiful. The blue skies combine with the green lush grass. Our cameras capture it all. The images are epic. We see the bride. She sees her groom. The groom sees his bride. We capture it all. Love rules everything.

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