Mayor Tree Wedding Ceremony with a Harry Potter Theme – Katie and Kenny [Mayor Tree | Winter Park Farmers Market]

Of course it was truly an honor. This Mayor Tree Outdoor Wedding was epic. Basically, to be present for the wedding of Katie and Kenny. We prepared heavily. This day presented challenges. Given that fact, we are excited for the results. Although we really wanted even more time. We love these two!

Planning a Wedding Ceremony at the Mayor Tree? Hence, read their real review here.

“Nick and Marjorie are absolutely fabulous! Honestly they will become more like family by the time of your wedding day!

Of course, they provided us with the most beautiful pictures and are such a dream team. Also, Marjorie is so incredibly talented and Nick is so inovative!

On this occasion, right before pictures I got a stain on my dress. Certainly, I was so frustrated. Of course Nick made me laugh so hard. Eventually I completely forgot about what was going on. Without a doubt, they made us feel so comfortable and you can see that in our pictures. Firstly, they captured the special little moments that make the memories.

That is to say, we can’t thank you both enough!!!”

Mayor Tree Outdoor Weddings are a fantasy.

This day truly was magical. Sooner or later, it does happen. Similarly, the Reception Venue was spectacular. Winter Park Farmers Market never disappoints. If you are planning a rustic wedding, this place rocks. Clearly this is true. In any event, the event was stunning. Our bride was so nervous. Obviously we wanted her have a stress free day. As can be seen, she loved every minute of it. Emphatically, this couple loves each other. Their Outdoor Wedding at Mayor Tree  was epic.

We love you. We love your love for each other. Helping you look natural in your images is our goal. All we can do is prepare. The couple certainly prepared. Their family supported well that day. Whether you are planning a wedding at Casa Feliz or the Ritz-Carlton, planning is the key. Give your wedding the details it deserves. Find a photographer attuned to that desire is really important. You deserve it completely.  Even if you are planning a Star Wars Wedding.