Outdoor Leu Gardens Wedding – Jaci+Constantine [Harry P. Leu Gardens]

A Beautiful Outdoor Leu Gardens Wedding – Jaci+Constantine [Harry P. Leu Gardens].

All in all, what a spectacular day for a Outdoor Leu Gardens Wedding. Of course, Jaci loves Constantine! Without a doubt, we fell in love with this couple. Especially after we saw them in Jaci’s Celebration Engagement Photos. Above all, the love between these two really are amazing. We photographed their wedding day with enthusiasm. 

Marjorie captured the energy of their families. Harry P. Leu gardens was the perfect  background for this outdoor wedding ceremony. We count this location as one of our top outdoor wedding ceremony locations in Orlando. All in all, finding the perfect wedding location in Central Florida is easy. Basically, the options are many.

Planning your Outdoor Leu Gardens Wedding.

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Celebrant or Officiant
Kevin Knox
Ceremony POC
Debbie Sauls
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott Guitarist
Jennie Maretti
Pixies and Petals
Hair Stylist
Victoria Mcphee
Makeup Artist
Karen Caballero
Jennie Maretti
Reception POC
Hillary Jovi