A Thrilling Golden Bear Club Wedding for the Ages | Leonor and Paul Celebrate Love [Corpus Christi Church | Golden Bear Golf Club]

Attending a Golden Bear Club Wedding

We captured this Golden Bear Club Wedding in November of 2018. In a word, this was amazing. Having been fully interviewed by the couple  felt great. We were thrilled they chose us. The couple’s excitement was evident. The event had an amazing atmosphere. Truly this added to the energy. It was because of all the planning. Clearly, Leonor and Paul’s Country Club Reception exceeded all expectations. Photographing The Golden Bear Club truly was a pleasure. As Orlando Wedding Photographers, we really believe that. Above all,  because of the professional staff. Additionally, the lush scenery impressed. Our experience with Corpus Christi Catholic Church helped to produce beautiful images. We photographed their Church Ceremony well.

A Beautiful Church Ceremony

As soon as the bride arrived, everyone swooned. Obviously, she looked gorgeous. In fact, there were smiles everywhere. In contrast, the handsome groom stood watching her. Undoubtedly, his eyes met hers. Then they smiled at each other. By all means, feel free to smile yourself. It is expected at a country club wedding. Sooner or later, we cry at every wedding. Certainly, being humble in the moment is important. First and foremost, we are witnessing the birth of a new family. Reverence to the location is key. Without it, we cannot expect to be able to do what we do. On this occasion, communication is a big part of this country club wedding. Being respectful of the location is important as well. As a result, our level of respect is very high. Consequently, we are big fans of the church ceremony as well. 

On to the Golden Bear Club Wedding Reception

Transitions can be challenges. Moving a group of people remains a tough task. We get them into the car. The bride and groom are happy. The bridal party piles into a limo. Their family follow behind as well. Sooner or later, they all arrive. Much like Citrus Club Orlando, the Golden Bear Club Wedding Reception is amazing. We photograph the Bride and Groom alone. This time the family is not along for the ride. In a word, calm is the desire. Moreover we want that time with them. They deserve the moments together. Overall, peaceful and quite moments at a country club wedding are everywhere. 

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