Super Fun Engagement Photos at Disney Boardwalk | Geovanna and Gabriel [Disney Boardwalk Resort]

Enjoying their Engagement Session at Disney Boardwalk.

Disney Boardwalk Engagement Session with Gabriel and Geovanna reminds us. This photoshoot was filled with diverse Florida light. The couple arrived at the Boardwalk while the sun was still up and strong. The gorgeous afternoon light was perfect> Especially for creating very contrasted photographs of the fun couple. Bright skies, silhouettes, and walking shots abound. Because we quickly followed with romantic moments. Also we enjoyed what we captured by the beach area during a stormy and beautiful sunset. Disney Boardwalk provides a diverse area for the couples. Especially for those that want to enjoy difference scenarios. As well as different backgrounds for their photos. 

The pavilion is called Sea Breeze Point.We love the interesting lines that create dramatic frames. In contrast, the buildings, painted in bright colors, offer a fun canvas. The beach area is witness of the most stunning sunsets. Either with complete clear skies or with stormy Florida sunsets, They both looked impressive.Certainly as Orlando Wedding Photographers, we love every part of this location. I loved framing Geovanna and Gabriel, Especially with the buildings in the background. All the while they talked and enjoyed each other. What a perfect day for love. Even true love. Especially true love in Motion.



P.S. Thanks to Molly from Orlando Flower Market for the gorgeous bouquet!

Living the dream as your photographer.

From Paradise Cove to the many other Outdoor Wedding locations, you can count on us. Truly you can. Photographing couples in the natural Florida sunshine is a pleasure. We love it. Entirely we do. We have had many occasions to do just that. Kaitlyn and Patrick’s Boardwalk Engagement photos at the Boardwalk for example. Allie and Dans Waldorf Astoria Wedding was epic. Even Katie and Kenny’s Engagement Photos in downtown Celebration was a dream come true. Of course, capturing true love in motion is our first true love as well. Certainly Nancy and James’s Rosen Shingle Creek Wedding was so romantic. Even Stephanie and Nelson’s Magical Photos are always going to be remembered. We choose the best possible gear. We love everything about it. Marjorie captures true love. Nicholas brings the energy. The couple brings the fun. True love in Motion. Love Rules Everything.

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