Come See Us at the Florida Wedding Expo!

Florida Wedding Expos are a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

We truly love the Florida Wedding Expos, because of the opportunity. Above all, we get to meet newly engaged couples. Certainly the couples love the shows. As Orlando Wedding Photographers, we really believe that to be true.  As well as all the free samples of food and desserts. For example, there may be as many as 10 different food vendors. Basically, it is a huge buffet. Secondly are all the examples of new wedding trends. The dress makers, for instance, show examples of the newest styles. Additionally, planners and decorators are present at the Florida Wedding Expos. Equally artistic and technical, their displays are epic. 

Making plans for your wedding starts at the Expo.

As you make plans for your Wedding at the Florida Wedding Expos, consider this. There are many Top Wedding Planners in Orlando. Certainly you should budget to hire one of these great logistical wizards. In any case, practice interviewing vendors. Learn what you want to look for in a Photographer. Additionally, deciding on a Venue will be a big part of how your budget get set. Especially at the Florida Wedding Expo. For instance, certain areas of Orlando can save you big bucks in your wedding planning. Some Zipcodes can really save you big. In fact, we recommend Downtown Orlando. One such example is The Citrus Club Orlando. If you would like to see images of that venue, you can click here. Another would be 310 Lakeside We love that location.

It is right across the street from Iconic Lake Eola. Because the budget friendly stats match well with the beauty of Downtown Orlando. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Locations are certainly epic. For example, Disney Boardwalk as well as The Mayor Tree is magical. Also, as you walk around the Florida Wedding Expos, consider having an Unplugged Wedding. 

Use the Florida Wedding Expos to start your vendor research.

When researching, also look for recommendations and real reviews. One place is  Perfect Wedding Guide. Another is V List. As we wrapped our Spring season, we reflected. As you walk around the Florida Wedding Expos, remember this. The number of beautiful couples we photographed was overwhelming. There are quite a few main reasons to choose to do Engagement Photos.  Becoming comfortable with your photographer is certainly one of them. The outdoor locations for their Engagement Photos were gorgeous. Such as Downtown Celebration. We look forward to meeting more couples at the Florida Wedding Expo. We have traveled as far as Downtown Tampa to do an Engagement Photo Session. Often we find ourselves at Disney Boardwalk Resort. That location is well represented in our Disney couples portfolio. Contact us today if you want more information! We love shooting at Disney Boardwalk. 

Consider a Themed Wedding or unique location.

Even if you are considering a Star Wars Wedding, we can help. Themed weddings are epic. Especially ones themed after Star Wars. We have many Top Ideas for Star Wars Themed Weddings available for you to see as well. Conversely, you can use a local Country Club for your Wedding Reception. Central Florida are filled with these unique properties. Several are represented at the Florida Wedding Expo.  We love it. Our couples really love it. The participating vendors at the at the Florida Wedding Expos think it is the best. Give it a chance. You will see.