Cheap Wedding Photography – The Most Expensive Mistake You Will Ever Make

Cheap Photography Expensive Mistake.

As an Orlando Wedding Photographer, we remember this rule – Cheap Photography Expensive Mistake. Of course, we have just one very important rule. Above all, always give everything of ourselves to our work.

Protect your biggest day from a really big mistake.

The very last thing we would ever want to happen to our clients is to be disappointed on their wedding day. So, when we read this article about a photographer ruining a wonderful couples big day, we could not believe it. Of course, read the excerpt below, and then click the link to read even more incredible details about their day. Cheap Photography Expensive Mistake.

From the Article:

“Hayley and Nick Kelble’s engagement photos went viral in 2017 when their romantic moment was photobombed by a gleeful hippo named Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Their wedding photos, however, were a different story.

When Hayley Kelble asked her Facebook friends for wedding photographer recommendations, someone tagged a photographer whose profile said she studied photography at Kent State and included a link to her Instagram page. They got in touch, and Kelble says they agreed on a rate of $800.”

Give yourself a big insurance policy against Cheap Photography Expensive Mistake.

Consider all the planning you are doing for your wedding. Basically, we are talking about a thousand different details. For the most part, you are really spending alot of time getting things just right. To that end, without high quality images to forever capture those details, the memories will be lost. Imagine being able to look back on all of your hard work. Also, the reactions of the guests of your are going to be things you will miss if not captured in images. Your focus during your big day is on you and your fiance. Where it should be. Our job is to capture the moments between the moments. After your wedding, revealing your photos is really your first opportunity to see everything that happened on your biggest day. What you need is a top Photographer. Perhaps even an award winning photographer.

Basically, as you interview photographers, remember this. Above all, there are some questions which are very important to ask. Let us help you with your interview process. Never fall victim to Cheap Photography ever. What an Expensive Mistake. Of course we want very much to make the journey smooth and easy. Garden Theatre in Downtown Winter Garden is really a great option. Once in a while, asking the right questions will get you very far towards your goal. We really mean that. During your journey, from Celebration to Heathrow Country Club, you will have alot of fun. In any case you are going to have a ton of great choices. All in all, Lake Mary Event Center and Bohemian Hotel Celebration are just two of the many options.  An Orlando Wedding Photographer, we are always going to be there for you. You will never have this happen with us. 

Cheap Photography Expensive Mistake.

In Orlando, you can certainly find this. Many areas are home to super affordable wedding locations. Finding Affordable Zipcodes in Orlando is easy. Because, they are really everywhere. Paradise Cove is really one of the best places. From Lake Eola to Lake Buena Vista, Central Florida is a wonderful place. Even after you get married, having an Orlando Family Photographer available to you is a big benefit. Of course, contact us and check it out. True Love in Motion. I Love You. I Know. Love Rules Everything.