Best Wedding Photo Gear We Use Part I – Camera Bodies

Do you use the Best Wedding Photo Gear Possible?

Do you use the Best Wedding Photo Gear Possible? Sooner or later, the question does come up. “What camera do you use?” Overall, it is one of the top three questions we get. In fact, we would be surprised if it was not asked. In either case, there isn’t a reason to avoid the answer. Specifically, we want our couples to always feel comfortable knowing they hired professionals. Especially when it comes to our gear. To that end, We can tell you that our approach to using the best wedding photo gear we can find is very simple. It all needs to be effective, efficient, and reliable. 

Your Wedding Day is a special day for us as well.

Surely we cannot ask a bride to go back and walk down the aisle a second time. Furthermore, an entire wedding day is a live dynamic romantic event. Were we to need to stop and change directions due to lost functionality of our gear, countless moments would be lost. As Professional Orlando Wedding Photographers, we must be responsible. Hence, we use as much redundancy within our system as we can. That is to say, we try to duplicate portions of our gear for near instant interchangeability. This is part of using the best wedding photo gear you can get. From Disney Boardwalk to Rosen Centre, We are prepared for anything.

Redundancy is the key for us.

When we shoot weddings, speed and urgency are the prime ingredients. Searching for the best wedding photo gear we can reasonably afford is the goal. To that end, we shoot with identical Nikon D750 Camera bodies. The reasons for this are many, but to just name a few: Above all, should Marjorie ever have an issue with her camera, we can instantly switch her out for the other camera. It takes only seconds to do this. Even with an impending Hurricane in the area. Marjorie is back up and running seamlessly. The event never has to pause or stop. We shoot nearly continuously. Of course, we believe using the D750 fits the description of using the best wedding photo gear available. Are there more expensive camera bodies? 

Why we chose the D750 by Nikon.

Of course there are. But we feel the D750 gives the most ideal balance between operational costs, final resolution, and low light performance. Without a doubt, based on our experience, the D750 fits te bill for what we want to accomplish on a wedding day. It is perfectly comfortable outdoors shooting bright sunlit portraits. For example, the rustic outdoor gardens around Central Florida are perfect. Engagement Photos at Disney Boardwalk is yet another example. Even St Augustine could not phase us. Conversely, it’s low light performance in darkened reception halls is legendary. All in all, we are super comfortable continuing to use D750’s for quite some time. Check out our Instagram Feed for prime examples of this. 

Select a Photographer who values  using the best wedding photo gear available.

who values  using the best wedding photo gear available. This means asking about their gear. The brand is not especially critical. Above all, the fact that they have backup cameras is key. Whether your wedding is at Luxmore Grande Estate or Disney Boardwalk, backup equipment is critical. When considering which photographer to hire, remember this. Sooner or Later, their gear will do something weird. The key will be this. That moment isn’t during your wedding day. And if it is, they are prepared to swap out their camera for another quickly. Either at your engagement photos or your outdoor ceremony, these moments are priceless. Also, they are rarely repeatable. Certainly as Orlando Wedding Photographers, we are always willing to mae this a priority. Find a professional who uses the best wedding photo  gear possible, and values your images as much as you do. For more information directly from Nikon – read this.