Rustic Rose Garden Wedding Brilliance- Janitza and Brian [Leu Gardens | Winter Park Farmers Market]

It was truly an honor to attend this Rustic Rose Garden Wedding.

Of course it was truly an honor to attend this Rustic Rose Garden Wedding. Firstly, Leu Gardens is gorgeous. The roses are amazing. Emphatically, it is one of our top Outdoor Ceremony Locations in Central Florida. All in all if you are looking for a budget friendly setting, this is it. Even your family can help out with a Honeyfund. Rose Gardens in Florida are really epic. Both here at Leu Gardens and other locations such as Winter Park. Even Downtown Celebration is beautiful. Surely you will love the lush foliage. In particular the classic garden paths await. Furthermore, this is a fantastic location for Rose Garden Engagement Photos. The scenery is a stark contrast to locations such as Disney Boardwalk, and yet just as breathtaking. We photograph this location well. of course A Rosen Centre Wedding Reception is a perfect compliment to a Rustic Rose Garden Wedding ceremony.

Having a Hurricane Season Wedding requires planning.

Overall this day was challenging. Obviously with Hurricane Matthew nearby, we really had to plan. Basically, the storm clouds capped off the end of the ceremony. In fact, the rain began as we photographed the couple coming back up the aisle together. Above all, we got the shot. Albeit in the onset of a torrential downpour! The ceremony however was not tarnished for their Orlando Wedding Photographers. . Firstly, everyone arrived well. Secondly, the flower girl was beautiful. Lastly, the ceremony was completed before the rain. This is just one example of why you should hire two photographers. Rustic settings like these are spectacular to photograph. We shot the setting so well. Regardless of where your wedding is, we are there. Rose Gardens or Country Clubs alike are equally epic to us. Sophia’s Art Photo is well worth the value of booking for your wedding.

As you plan your wedding, remember this. Your vision is all your own. Make it special. Give it your own unique flavor. Build a team to bring that vision to life. Consider Leu Gardens for your wedding venue. Or even downtown Winter Garden. Such a perfect setting for Downtown Engagement Photos. Or perhaps Luxmore Grande Estate. Luxmore is a beautiful location for a wedding.