Epic Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot at Bohemian Hotel Celebration [Bohemian Hotel Celebration]

Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot at Bohemian Hotel Celebration

To begin with, this Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot at Bohemian Hotel Celebration was epic. We were over the moon. Such a great success. During the shoot we were nervous. This was a first for us. We were facing many technical challenges. In fact, the shoot was difficult to manage. There were so many people. To be sure, we had many balls in the air that day. It was organized chaos. Our team arrived early. In light of the work ahead, we unloaded the car excited. In like manner, the professionals we invited were thrilled.

Furthermore, the venue was really excited. They were looking forward to the experience. Certainly we really wanted to get started right away. Obviously, so did everyone else. Are you are looking for a top Wedding Venue in Orlando? This would be at the top of your list. The Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot at Bohemian Hotel Celebration is perfect. As Orlando Wedding Photographers, we really believe that. It showcases this Southern Themed venue well. 

Our team owned the moment. Marjorie began directing the team. The planner shared her vision of the day. Firstly, our venue expressed their desire for coverage. Secondly, the models arrived for prep work. Thirdly, the Hair stylist and Make Up Artist got to work right away. Finally, we photographed the entire process. Working through this Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot at Bohemian Hotel Celebration gave us that opportunity.

We are very grateful. Beautiful Bride Magazine chose us for this Covershoot. Our team lives for these moments. In particular, the venue really gets to shine. Surprisingly, the weather held out. Certainly, we work together well. Everyone has the same goal. We all want to produce the very best. To that end, these images are the result. We could not be more pleased with how this turned out.

Beautiful Bride Magazine Cover Photo Shoot

This Behind the Scenes Video was so fun! Certainly have you seen it? I know I have. But I still can’t believe it! Chiefly, we all made it to the cover of a national magazine! We own this moment. Our team captured epic images. On account of everyone’s help we made it. Of course, we want to thank everyone. Thank you so much to Monica and Jon. Basically for believing in all of us. Our driving force is to create a great product. Especially to help brides and groom. We want to make their day stunning! Sophias Art wants to be your Orlando Wedding Photographer.

This Photoshoot was also featured online. https://www.thecelebrationsociety.com/weddings/vintage-floridian-charm-wedding-inspiration/

Altogether, we offer cheers to all of you. Thank you to those who made this possible. Certainly, dream big! The Behind the Scenes Magazine Cover Video shows our love for each other. Are you are looking for a top Engagement Spot in Orlando?  Certainly, keep these vendors in mind. Worried about your family unplugging at your unplugged wedding?  Of course we can help. Keep us in mind. Especially as you interview Wedding Photographers in Orlando. 

Henceforth, here are the Contributing Wedding Vendors for the Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot.

The Venue & Catering contributor is Melissa Jones. Seeing that she is the Catering Sales Manager and Bohemian Celebration Hotel. That is located in Celebration, FL. Of course, we love them. Without a doubt, you should preview this. As well as other great Top Orlando Wedding Venues.The Key West feel is amazing. All of the colors pop perfectly. We love this place. Especially for weddings. Also for Engagement Sessions. You can even bring your dogs.

The Event Planning & Design contributor was Kate Farmer. In due time, she is the Owner & Event Design Manager of Blue Owl Weddings & Events. Consequently, they are amazing. 

The Photography was provided by Marjorie & Nick Durante. That’s us! We are owners of Sophia’s Art Photography. Above all, we love it! Obviously, we also provided the Behind the Scenes Video. As well as the love. Mostly about the love. Perhaps 80% love. Then 20% sweat. 

Professional Hair Styling was provided by Victoria McPhee. For one thing, she is the Owner of Victoria McPhee Studios. Basically, she totally rocks. Oh yes she does. You should look her up. We have known her for a long time.

Professional Make-Up Artist was Karen Caballero. Above all, she is the Owner of Karmel Design Team. Accordingly, we love her. Her team always excels. They bring their A Game. On this occasion, top notch work. 

The Custom Bridal & Groom Attire was designed by Celeste Herdeman. Emphatically, she is the Owner of Krustallos Couture Bridal. To point out, she is a fantastic owner. And a great designer.

See even more Contributing help. Specifically for this fantastic Behind the Scenes Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot.

Jewelry was provided by Peter Baeza. Chiefly, he is the Owner of Jewels By Peter B. On this occasion, we were amazed. During this Video the jewelry was epic.

Custom Stationary was provided by Megan & Cedar Watson. Given that they are the Owners Paper Goat Post. Of course, they are so nice. Obviously, we love them.

The Cake Designer were Patty & Terry Ames. Therefore, they are owners of Cake Designers. In a word, these two are down home owners.

The Floral Design was provided by Andie Muller. She is the Owner of The Flower Studio. Undoubtedly, you cannot find a better provider of Floral Arrangements. Or a better friend.

Vintage Rentals were secured from Kathy Bogan & Sue Farash. Further, they are the owners of Vintage Chic Affairs. Owing to these details were over the top. To this end, we were blown away. You can see that in Video. Certainly we see that.

Linen Rentals were provided by Joy Yappel. Basically, she is the Orlando Account Executive for Connie Duglin Linens. Certainly, the colors were epic.

The Specialty Wedding & Party Rentals were provided by Brittney Bouche. Chiefly, she is the Event Consultant & Marketing Lead for Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals. Emphatically, we love them. They are the best.

Vintage Model A Automobile was provided by Richard & Patricia Brown. Hence, they are Owners of Model A’s of Greater Orlando. Basically, this car was so cool. Although I want one. Really I do. I mean, like, yesterday.

Today’s Models were Shanna, as well as Justin Olivier. On this occasion, they were professional. During this Behind the Scenes Magazine Cover Video, they rocked. They looked very natural during the shoot.

Engagement Spots in Orlando for you.

You should consider Baldwin Park Lakeside. It is beautiful. The sky is amazing. Another great spot is Disney’s Boardwalk. We have so much fun there. I Love You. I know. True Love In Motion.

If you need a Downtown location for your Chic Wedding, Citrus Club Orlando fits the bill. Or maybe a Florida Manor Estate like Luxmore will work for your theme. It is in Winter Springs. The location is close. We found it easy to find. Access is great. 

Working towards a higher goal is the objective.

You can see a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot. It really shows the scope of the production. We were nervous. But we were also confident. Just Scroll down below the images. Enjoy it!

As you select your production team, do your best. You will want to interview many vendors. This works best. 

If you desire a Cathedral Wedding Ceremony, there are many in Orlando. St James Cathedral is certainly the most beautiful example. We love it there. Images taken there are amazing.

Another wonderful Southern Style location is Luxmore Grande Estate. Obviously, Engagement Photos at Luxmore are beautiful. Besides, this is a great wedding venue as well.

Star Wars Weddings are always fantastic themed events. Sooner or later we get to do one after another. It makes us smile to be there. We love that. Even if your wedding won’t become a Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot at Bohemian Hotel Celebration.

If you are planning your event in the Disney Area, good for you. That is a very smart decision. A great Lake Buena Vista location is 1805 on The Boulevard.  It is centrally located. Access to Disney Springs is great. You will love it.

If downtown Orlando is your desired location, we are all in. There are many great location options. Overall, a Downtown Wedding Ceremony is elegant.

Before you attend a Bridal Show, prepare yourself. Let us help you with that. Here are 8 things you should do before attending a Bridal Show. We thank you.  Of course, we enjoyed this Beautiful Bride Magazine Covershoot at Bohemian Hotel Celebration.