Baldwin Park Engagement Photos Session : Jessica & Calum Outdoors [Baldwin Park Orlando]

Baldwin Park Engagement Photos Session : Jessica & Calum Outdoors


This Baldwin Park Engagement Photos Session amazed us. Jessica & Calum’s Outdoors Session really was fun. Despite an approaching storm, we made it work. While on a very hot Florida afternoon, we photographed them well. Besides, it is for their engagement photo session at Baldwin Park. In brief, the couple truly enjoyed their time together. Firstly,  during the session we made them laugh. Secondly, they forgot about the challenging weather. Thirdly,  that weather quickly turned breezy and dark. Furthermore, Jessica and Calum liked the outdoor scenery of Baldwin Park. In short, they choose it as their location to capture this moment together.

At this point the clouds rolled in. We saw them. The couple saw them as well. The sky was turning gray. Our time was growing short. This Baldwin Park Engagement Photos Session may end soon. In contrast to the gray clouds were the green foliage. It was all around. Overall the weather was holding fast. We took the moment to make it work. The couple played together. We directed them as best we could. As long as the rain held out, we would make it. Eventually it was going to rain. We had to move fast. Efficiency was the order of the day.

Engaged Couples in the Park are wonderful.

Summer is a wonderful time. Generally we can avoid the weather. On this day it was chasing us. I love you. I know. True Love in Motion. When searching for a Top Orlando Wedding Photographer, keep Baldwin Park in mind. As you interview your photographer, ask many questions. A Baldwin Park Engagement Photos Session is a great start to the journey. It is one of the top Engagement Spots in Orlando. You will certainly look natural in your photos there. 

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